Hobby Master 1/144 Air Power Series
Junkers JU-52
D-2600 "Immelmann II", late 1930s
True 1/144 scale.
Professionally painted.
Great attention to detail.
All markings are Tampoed (pad applied).
Option to display the model on a stand that is provided.
Lots of metal with a minimal plastic.
Rolling rubber wheels.
Highly collectable.
The Ju-52 first flew in 1930 as a single engine civil aircraft. Before long it was given two
more engines and designated Ju-52/3m (German - drei motoren - "three engines"). The
3-engine aircraft was originally designed as a 17 passenger airliner. The principal user
was Lufthansa that flew in Europe, Asia and South America. In the mid 1930’s a military
version was produced and the Ju-52 became one of the most reliable transport aircraft.
The Ju-52 saw service with military and civilian air fleets well into the 1980s.

This Ju-52 was manufactured as W-Nr. 6660 and registered as TA+BX. It was one of the
many that were pressed into service by the Nazi government when they came into
power. It now belonged to Sanitäts-Flugbereitschaften 3 "Sanitary Evacuation Unit 3"
and displayed the Red Cross to show it was a non-combatant aircraft. This aircraft as
well as others were responsible for transporting wounded soldiers and were referred to
as Sanitäts Ju-52s. In April 1942 D-TABX crashed after a mid-air collision near

Specifications for Junkers & Co Ju-52/3m
Role - Airliner, Transport Aircraft
Crew – 3 / 2 x pilots, radio operator
Payload - 17 passengers
Nicknames – German / Tante Ju ("Auntie Ju"),  Allies / Iron Annie, Corrugated Coffin,
Jupiter was BEA Airlines designation of war-reparation Ju 52/3m’s in 1947
Number Built by Junkers – 4,845

Length - 62 ft   18.9 m
Height - 20 ft   6.1 m
Wingspan - 95.9 ft   29.25 m
Wing area - 1189.4 sq/ft   110.5 sq/m
Max take-off weight – 23,152 lbs   10,500 kg
Weight empty – 14,531 lbs   6,590 kg

Performance data
Maximum speed - 143 kts   264 km/h
Initial climb rate - 787.4 ft/min   4.00 m/s
Service ceiling – 16,732 ft   5,100 m
Range - 648 nm   1,200 km
Endurance - 7 hours +
Powerplant – 3 x BMW 132 A/3  9 cylinder radial  air-cooled turbocharged (high-
altitudes) engines with carburetors
Power rating (max.) - 819 hp per engine
Maximum Total power rating – 2,456 hp
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