The JS tanks were named after Joseph Stalin. The JS-2 had a 122mm D-25T main gun
and 6 road wheels to improve soft ground track performance. In 1944 new specifications
included new armour tempering, a 60-degree glacis replaced the 30-degree and the
driver’s front hatch was removed. Also a relocated wider porthole, improved mantlet,
increased lower hull side armor and a new periscope sight. The commander’s cupola
moved to the left and a 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun attached. In 1944 2,250 JS-2’s
were produced and no further improvements were made until 1954.

The JS-2 not only served with the Red Army during WWII but 71 were delivered to the
Polish Army. These were distributed between the 4th and 5th Heavy Tank Regiments.
The JS-2 model 1944 was designed as a breakthrough tank with a faster-loading D25-T
122mm gun, a simpler hull front and a wider mantlet. The Poles were successful during
battles in Pomerania, the retaking of Poland and the battle for Berlin. At the end of WWII
there were 26 JS-2s left and 21 of these were returned to the Soviets.

JS-2 Specifications
Crew: 4

Combat weight: 46 tons

Power-to-weight ratio: 11.3 hp/t

Hull length: 6.68 m
Overall length: 9.91 m
Width: 3.07 m

Power Plant
Engine: V-21 4-stroke V-type diesel 520 HP
Transmission: Multiple dry main clutch, mechanical gearbox with reduction gear, 2-stage
planetary turning mechanism and side drives, 8 gears forward, 2 reverse
Fuel capacity: 137 gallons internal + 80 gallons external + 110 gallons supplementary

Maximum speed: road 23mph, off road 18mph
Maximum range: 150 miles
Fuel consumption: 0.8 gallons/mile
Fording depth: 1.3 m

D-25T Model 1943 122mm rifled tank gun
Main gun ammunition: BR-47B (armor piercing/tracer); BP-460A (HEAT shaped charge);
OF-462 and OF-471 (HE fragmentation)
Muzzle velocity: 2560 ft/s
Maximum effective range: 9 miles indirect fire; 900m direct-fire
Stowed main gun rounds: 28
Gun depression/elevation: -3 to +20 degrees
Secondary armament: DshK model 1938 12.7 mm machine gun, co-axial DT 7.62 mm
machine gun, DT 7.62 mm close defense machine gun

Armor - 90-120 mm hull front, 90-95 mm hull sides, 60 mm hull rear, 160 mm turret front,
100 mm turret rear sides, 90 mm turret rear.
Hobby Master 1/72 Ground Power Series
Russian (Soviet) Heavy Tank JS-2m "424"
2nd Company of 4th Independent Heavy Tank Regt.,
1st Polish Army, Berlin Operation, April 1945
Fully assembled
True to Scale (1:72)
Die-Cast chassis, turret and gun
Turret turns
Appliquéd turret armour
Main gun can be elevated
Realistic tracks
Realistic wheels
Highly detailed features
Professionally painted in accurate colors
Markings Tampo (pad) applied
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