Hobby Master 1/72 Ground Power Series
M7 Priest HMC
A Troop, 22nd Battery
24th Field Rgt.
Royal Artillery
May 1944 "Anzio"
Authentic Detailing
Pre-Painted by professionals
Accurate paint colors
Markings Tampo (pad) applied
Fully Assembled
Die-Cast Model
True to Scale (1:72)
Weathering and insignias
Turret turns
Main gun elevates
Metal chassis, turret and main gun
Realistic tracks
Tracks replicate real track droop
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The U.S. Army required a fully-tracked Howitzer Motor Carriage capable of keeping up with
armored divisions. The lower chassis and suspension of the M3 Lee and later the M4
Sherman was selected to have a 105mm Howitzer placed on top with a crew area open to
the elements. In 1942 the new SPG was delivered as the M7 HMC (Howitzer Motor
Carriage). British forces referred to the M7 as the “Priest” because of the high rounded .50-
caliber Machine Gun position resembled the pulpit of an Anglican priest.

The battle at Anzio took place from January 22 – June 4, 1944. Anzio was meant to bypass
the Gustav Line in southern Italy and capture Rome. Due to the lack of landing craft
Operation Shingle was reduced to two divisions; the British 1st Division and the U.S. 3rd
Division. It was poorly planned, poorly executed with no alternate plans of attack. This
politically motivated operation required more resources than were planned for and took
resources away from Operation Overlord. The Allies entered Rome on June 4, 1944 at the
cost of 94,000 Allied casualties.

Specifications for the M7 HMC (Howitzer Motor Carriage)

Type - Armored Artillery

Crew – 7

Engine -  Continental R975 C1, 9 cylinder., Gasoline  400 hp
Maximum Speed - 39 km/h
Power/weight - 17.3 hp/t
Range – 190 km

Length - 6.02 m
Width - 2.87 m
Height - 2.95 m
Weight - 23000 kg
Maximum - 108 mm
Minimum: 13 mm

Suspension: Vertical volute spring suspension (VVSS)

Main - 1 x 105 mm Howitzer M2A1
Secondary - 1 x .50cal (12.7 mm) M2HB MG