These 3-ton cargo trucks became the back bone of the German military transports. The military
designation for these 3-ton trucks was Kfz. 305. Originally designed as a 4X2rear-wheel drive but
in 1940 a 4-wheel design was made available and it became very much appreciated by its crew
for the cross country abilities. This variant of the 3-ton was used primarily for cargo transportation
but could easily be adapted to handle troops. These 3-ton trucks continued to be manufactured
even when WWII was declared ended and the S type became the most used truck for German
commercial transport. From1937 to 1944 approximately 82,000 of the Type were built and
another 14,000 with along wheel-base and 8,300 with a low-level base.

In 1939 Germany had developed a 2 cm Flak 38 gun that was an improvement over the previous
Flak 30. The 38 had almost double the rate of fire and the weight had been reduced. The Flak 38
became the primary light weight anti-aircraft gun and was towed or mounted on just about ever
kind of German vehicle during WWII. One vehicle that had the gun mounted on it was the old
reliable 3-ton truck whose 2 side and 1 rear panels were hinged at the bottom and would be
lowered opened.

Specifications for the base variant of the 2X4 rear-wheel drive 3-Ton Cargo Truck.

Engine - (6) cylinder, 3,626 L (221 cu in), 68 hp (51 kW) @ 2,800 rpm
Gears - (5) forward, (1) reverse
Brakes - Hydraulic all wheels

Type – gasoline
Capacity - 82 L   (21.7 US gal)
Consumption On Road - 26 L/100 km   (9.0 mpg)
Off Road - 35 L/100 km   (6.7 mpg)
Speed on Road - 85 km/h   (52.8 mph)

Length - 6.10 m   (20.03 ft)
Width - 2.26 m   (7.43 ft)
Height - 2.85 m   (9.35 ft)
Wheel base - 3.600 m   (11.81 ft)

Empty - 5800 kg   (12,790 lb)
Usual Maximum Load – 4000   (8,818 lb)

Specifications 2 cm Flak 38

Manufacturer - Mauser
Calibre – 2 cm / 20 mm
Barrel length – 225.2 cm
Weight - 420kg
Traverse - 360º
Elevation -  -20º to +90º
Muzzle velocity – 900 m/sec
Effective range – 2200 m
Rate of fire - 420-480rpm
Shell weight - 0,119kg
Hobby Master 1/72 Ground Power Series
German Cargo Truck with 20mm Flak 38
True 1/72 scale.

Professionally painted.

Weathered finish.

Great attention to detail.

All markings are Tampoed (pad applied).

Rubber wheels roll.

Extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic.

Highly collectable.
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