The Sd.Kfz. 2 designation was for the Kettenkrad. Ketten means tracks and krad is the
military abbreviation of Kraftrad. Originally intended for use by German airborne troops it
was designed to fit inside the JU-52 aircraft. With its amazing ability to tow 4 tons the
vehicle soon was used to tow light artillery and trailers as well as aircraft to save aviation
fuel. One variant was specifically used for laying communication cables. The vehicle was
turned using handlebars or in tandem with track brakes.

The Ramcke Fallschirmjager Brigade was originally formed for the invasion of Malta that
was cancelled so they were sent to North Africa to reinforce Rommel. During the German
retreat at El Alamein the brigade was left behind and some how managed to escape a trap.
They headed west and captured a British supply convoy carrying water, fuel, food and
cigarettes. After 200 miles they found the rest of the DAK. They fought the final battles of
the desert war in Tunisia before surrendering in May 1943.

Specifications for the NSU Werke AG Kettenkrad

Manufacturer – Opel (GM)

Production Period – 1941 / 1944

Number Produced – 8,345

Crew - 3 / Driver + 2 passengers)

Engine - Water-cooled four cylinder in-line engine with (OHV) 36 bhp (26 kW) @ 3400 rpm
Maximum Speed - 70 km/h (44 mph)
Total weight -1,560 kg (3,444 lb)
Reverse - 1
Forward - 2
Length – 3,000 mm (118")
Width – 1,000 mm (39")
Height – 1,200 mm (47")        
Tire size -3.50-19
Hobby Master 1/48 Ground Power Series
Sd. Kfz.2 Kleines Kettenkraftrad
WL-391702, "Ramcke" Brigade
North Africa Front
True 1/48 scale.

Professionally painted.

Great attention to detail.

All markings are Tampoed (pad applied).

Rubber wheels roll.

Extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic.

Highly collectable.
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