The F-105D was first accepted on September 28 1960 and became the major variant
with 610 aircraft being built. Intended for a nuclear strike role but since the nuclear threat
became less likely the role became a high-speed bomber. The Pitot tube was moved to
the nose that had been extended approximately 15 inches more than the “B”. The “D”
received strengthened landing gear and an arrestor hook in case it over shot the runway.
During 1966 and 1967 F-105Ds managed to down 25 MiGs using the 20-mm cannon and
2 other using Side-Winder missiles.

Colonel Paul Douglas Jr. was a WWII P-47 Ace with 8 aerial victories and 27 aircraft
destroyed on the ground. In 1968-1969 Col. Douglas was Commander of the 388th TFW
at Korat, Thailand. In February 1970 he retired as a Brigadier General having been
awarded over 60 decorations. F-105D-5-RE was s/n 59-1743 and was delivered to the
USAF in November 1960. During the aircraft’s time in Vietnam it suffered combat damage
several times and has worn many different names. “Darn Dago”, “Arkansas Traveler”
when it was Col. Douglas’s aircraft, “Lead Zeppelin” and Hanoi Express”. The aircraft
was retired in March 1981 with 45,000 flight hours and was transferred to Hill AFB, Utah
where it was restored as the “Arkansas Traveler”. The "JJ" tail code denotes the 34th
TFS of the 388th at Korat RTAB, Thailand.

Specifications for the Republic F-105D Thunderchief

Nick Names – Ultra Hog, Super Hog, Iron Butterfly, Lead Sled, Thud

Role – Fighter/Bomber

User Countries – U.S.A.

Crew – (1) pilot

Wingspan - 34 ft 11 in,
Length - 64 ft 3 in,
Height - 19 ft 8 in,
Wing Area - 385 sq. ft.

Engine- (1) Pratt & Whitney J75-P-19W turbojet, rated at 17,200 lb.s.t. dry and 26,500 lb.
s.t. with afterburner

Maximum speed -
1,420 mph at 38,000 ft
1,372 mph at 36,000 ft
1,122 mph at 50,000 ft
836 mph at sea level
Stall speed - 208 mph
Initial Climb Rate - 34,500 fpm (clean)
Service Ceiling - 32,100 ft
Combat Ceiling - 48,500 ft
Maximum Ceiling - 50,000 ft
Combat Range - 778 miles
Maximum Range with full external fuel – 2,208 miles

Normal Internal Fuel Load - 1,160 US gallons
Internal Weapons Bay - 390 US gallon auxiliary tank
Optional 450 or 650 US gallon external tanks on the fuselage centerline
Plus a 450 US gallon tank on each of the inboard under-wing pylons

Empty - 27,500 lbs
Combat - 35,637 lbs
Gross - 48,400 lbs
Maximum Take/Off - 52,546 lbs

(1) 20-mm M61A1 rotary cannon with 1028 rounds (fire rate 6,000 rpm)
Up to 8,000 lbs of ordnance could be carried in the internal weapons bay
An additional 6,000 lbs of ordnance could be carried on (4) under-wing pylons and (1)
rack under the fuselage center-line
Up to (4) AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles for self-defense
Up to (4) AGM-12 Bullpup (not very effective in Vietnam)
(1) Mk 28 or Mk 43 nuclear weapon
Up to (2) 3,000 lb bombs
Up to (5) 1,000 lb bombs
Up to (16) 750 lb bombs
Mk 77 napalm
ECM pods
2.75 in. rockets
Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series
F-105D Thunderchief "Arkansas Traveler”
59-1743, flown by Col. Paul Douglas,
388th Tactical Fighter Wing,
Korat , Thailand 1968-69
Die-cast metal.
Superb detailing in 1/72 scale.
Pre-painted with pad applied markings.
Fully assembled.
Weapons that are not permanently attached.
Comes with crew figure.
Display stand included.
Option to display model with wheels up or down.
Minimum use of plastic.
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